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Reiki Treatment

Table Massage

You already love massage, but think about how much more relaxing it would be in the comfort of your own home!  

No traffic!  No time wasted driving!  And when the massage is over - you're already home! 

Rustic Fireplace

Chair Massage

Sometimes all you need is 15 minutes away from your desk to get a fresh perspective on the day.  
Let Boston Mobile Massage energize your staff and let them know how much their hard work is appreciated! Free quote

Hand on Bump

Pregnancy Massage

Enjoy your in-home pregnancy massage face down! 

Boston Mobile Massage offers you a specialized cushioning system that allows you to comfortably relax and fully enjoy your massage!


What Makes Boston Mobile Massage Unique?


Boston Mobile Massage is locally owned and operated by Lisa Tysall, L.M.T., a Massachusetts-licensed Massage Therapist who has been practicing massage therapy since 2007.  

Whenever you schedule an appointment, whether it's an in-home table massage or a corporate chair massage, you will always work directly with Lisa and some of the most professional and highly-skilled Massage Therapists in the Greater Boston area.   

Boston Mobile Massage travels to your home, office, or hotel in Boston, the surrounding suburbs, the North Shore, and most Massachusetts locations within Rt. 495.

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